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  • belgian liège mini-waffles
  • belgian liège mini-waffles
  • belgian liège mini-waffles
  • belgian liège mini-waffles
  • belgian liège mini-waffles
  • belgian liège mini-waffles
  • belgian liège mini-waffles
  • belgian liège mini-waffles

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extravaganza box {wafelinis}

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$63.96* This is the “go-to-box” for the more lavish royal parties in the Brussels Palace, the ones where certain princes and princesses are known to indulge in endless Liège mini-waffles we just call them “wafelinis”, dipped in their favorite dinges (toppings). European tabloids will not only feature local counts and baronesses, but they will almost certainly include glamour shots of the “Wafelinis fiesta” at the palace.

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  • 24 x wafelinis 
  • spekuloos  spread
  • dulce de leche 
  • milk chocolate fudge 
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Fridge: when received (and not immediately devoured),  store your waffles in the fridge and enjoy them within 10 days of the ordering date. 

Freezer: you may also store your waffles (airtight) in the freezer and spread the joy for up to two months. 

How to reheat: there aren’t many things the Queen and King agree on, but they do share an aversion to microwaving wafels! Here’s the royal way to warm them up, from room temperature:

In the oven, for 10 minutes at 300 °F
In the toaster, at lowest (warming) setting - for two cycles

No need to reheat the chocolinis, they are meant to be eaten at room temperature.

Topping with dinges:

At the Belgian Wafel Academy, many Master & PhD courses are dedicated to this topic. There are many rules, and Belgians are very strict about their “dinges” rules. Here in America however, we can put as many toppings as we like. We’d recommend our signature spekuloos spread, Belgian chocolate fudge, whipped cream and fresh strawberries or bananas. Listen to your inner dinges voice! 

Once opened, our spreads jars remains great for at least 6 weeks. Although, to give them a long and happy life we recommend to store them in the fridge.  Stir the contents well before spreading the goodness!

Traditional liège wafels contain: wheat (gluten), dairy, eggs, yeast, and may contain traces of soy, nuts

Almond wafels contains: wheat flour, butter, sugar, whole milk, eggs, vanilla flavoring, yeast, almonds, and may contain traces of soy & nuts.

Cinnamon wafels: wheat, dairy, eggs, yeast, cinnamon and may contain traces of soy, nuts

Gluten free liège wafels contain: dairy, eggs, yeast, and may contain traces of soy, gluten, nuts.

Vegan liège wafels contain: wheat (gluten), yeast and may contain traces of dairy, eggs, soy, nuts

Should I count the calories?

The approximate calorie count is 190 cal for a wafelini and 380 cal for a traditional Liège wafel, but you know what they say: "Don’t count the calories, just make the calories count!"    

I’m seeing dark spots on the edge of my wafels, did you burn them? Our wafels are made the traditional way with imported pearl sugar. The melted / boiling sugar in our irons can leave caramelized (darker) spots. This is a good thing, typical for Liège wafels