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As per our King’s instructions: ”For the great American parties, Wafels & Dinges shall bring de aromas and festive spirit of our Belgian Wafels.” And so, we have brought “de dinges” to hundreds of weddings, mitzvahs, birthdays, movie sets, schools, college events, office gatherings, all over this great American land.

full service catering - Le Grand Truck

People enjoying waffles  from wafel and dinges  truck  during a black tie event

Our trucks go the extra mile to bring the WOW factor to your events. Call it catering with your personal five-star wafel chef doubling as wafel truck chauffeur.  It's the pinnacle of indulgence, with the aromas of freshly baked Liege waffles wafting through your party. The big yellow truck is a much loved icon of NYC streets, and is now available in Colorado too. She loves the largest and coolest parties in town and will travel to both city & country venues. Fasten your seatbelts and loosen your waist belts!!!

full service catering - Wafel Show Buffet

For an all-out fest inside the conference room, or just steps from the dance floor, consider the Wafel Show Buffet. We bring our own electric baking equipment inside -no kitchen needed- and serve hours of dinges happiness, either as a breakfast, midday team pick-me-up or a party dessert station. Guests can choose from our variety of Dinges while they enjoy the wafel centric experience of a lifetime!

Wafeleur serving waffle  during a buffet event

branded promos + buyouts

Waffle truck and trays  customized with Google  branding during a  promotion event

Our food trucks will elevate the coolness factor and the exposure of your marketing campaign to new heights. Having worked with some of the world’s top brands on product launches and corporate promotions, we can deliver the professionalism you need. With over 50 mobile locations, we will make sure your campaign is where you need it to be at all times. Available in New York and Colorado.

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de reviews don't lie

On behalf of my daughter and all 110 of her friends, I'd like to thank you for providing the most delicious party favor ever offered at a Sweet Sixteen celebration. We loved having Wafels and Dinges at the party.

—Mayberth, Scarsdale

“Partnering with Wafels & Dinges has been one of the smartest marketing tactics for 1-to-1 client relationship building we have ever used."

—Penny Graham, Marketing Executive,

"If anyone knows anything about wafels, it’s this guy.”

—Al Roker speaking about “the Wafel Guy” on NBC’s Today Show.

"I arranged to have the truck come out to set at end of a hard week. Once the breeze turned and brought the smell of fresh baked waffles over - forget it... My crew ended the week on a happy note. ”

—Alexis A. - Production Assistant for "Parks & Rec"

“ was sooooooo good, like sex in your mouth...”

—Cassie G, NYC. Private Party Planner