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It was the summer of 2007, when the king of Belgians, Albert II,got word of soggy “belgian waffles” in that far away land of America. They were found in obscure diners, made of pancake batter. “These so called "Belgian" waffles make me très très sad!” So his majesty commissioned the Special Forces from the Ministry of Culinary Affairs, Department of Wafels. He knighted Thomas DeGeest to "Special Envoy for Wafels", and crowned Rossanna Figuera as "Ambassador of Good Things". Wafels & Dinges was born. It all started with a ‘68 Chevy Truck roaming the streets of NYC. "Wafels & Dinges' mission shall be to give America's “Belgian waffles” a serious upgrade", Albert II declared. And the rest is history…

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de time travels

july, 1831
june, 1964
october, 2007
september, 2008
october, 2008
august, 2009
january, 2010
april, 2010
july, 2010
may, 2012
november, 2013
april, 2015
august, 2017
february, 2018
march, 2020
august, 2020
may, 2022


A man named Leopold starts selling waffles from a horse-drawn carriage on the “Grand Place” in Brussels. The people of Belgium fall in love with his product, and later crown him King Leopold I of Belgium


Flushing, Queens: The Brussels "Waffle” makes its grand American debut at the 1964 World Fair in New York. It ends up being called the “Bel-Gem” or “Belgian” waffle. It becomes the best World’s Fair memory for thousands of visitors.


Thomas DeGeest quits his job at IBM to become the “Special Envoy for Wafels”. Rossanna Figuera joins as “Ambassador of Good Things”. They buy a raggedy old 1968 Chevy truck, paint it yellow and park on a busy corner in SoHo to sell the first Liege waffle. Their first shift yields $84.


They became gritty NYC Street Vendors. And after endless mechanical failures the Thomas starts towing their truck around town with a rope behind an old station wagon. It went well, for a while. Then there was an arrest by the NYPD, and a very amusing episode in criminal court.


During the “Today Show” at Rockefeller center, Al Roker nearly loses his mind over our waffles on the Today Show. Nice guy, though.


Winner of the NYC VENDY AWARDS: At our own ancestral wafel grounds of Flushing Meadows, we take home the top prize in our category “Best Dessert” vendor in New York City.


Bobby Flay experiences the secret dark powers of spekuloos spread as he got slayed by a spekuloos wafel during the “Throwdown”. Wafels & Dinges popularity soars. Back over in Belgium King Albert II starts to feel better.


During their annual pilgrimage to the home country, Belgium, Thomas discovers a new dinges. People call it “awesome”, “incredibly orgasmic” and “spektakuloos”. Our Spekuloos Spread won the prize for “Best Condiment of the Year” by Time Out NY.


Crown Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde of Belgium come to New York. In a rite of passage for the Belgian who's who, they visit Wafels & Dinges in Central Park, with loud cheers at the home-front. Only a few months later, King Albert II is pushed to the side and the younger Philippe takes the throne.


Why support just one good cause when you can support two? Wafels & Dinges starts sponsoring its very own cycling team. Thanks to a mandatory diet of wafels and spekuloos, the team will go on and achieve spekutacular results.  In 2022, Wafels & Dinges teams up with CYCLE Kids, to provide new bicycles and helmets to underserved elementary school students all over the country.


On a clear Manhattan night, the stars align. Suddenly Wafels & Dinges finds itself heating up the irons in a new kiosk at Herald Square, right by Macy’s flagship store. Life is good and the sweet vanilla baking aromas travel through busy Midtown Manhattan.


While we're still adjusting to a wafeling life without wheels in Herald Square, we're invited to look at our dream kiosk in Bryant Park, on the corner of 6th Ave & 42nd Street, the world's crossroads. What had been our immigrant entrepreneur dream for years, suddenly seems possible. We write our proposal, put in our bid, and we fell in love


W&D founders Rossanna & Thomas relocate with kids, dog and waffle-cart to colorful Colorado. In New York City, the Wafels & Dinges team takes over the reins and excels beyond expectations. In Colorado, soon new locations will be popping up in the vicinity of Denver


We never liked picking favorites, but 10 years in we realize that not all wafels are made equal. We say goodbye to the delicate Brussels wafel and to our brunchy savory wafels.  We’re shamelessly picking our favorite with the Liege wafel.  One day we were heartbroken, the next day we made the best Liege wafels in Amerika.


Well, we all know what happened. Covid strikes and it's not pretty. We regroup and with generous support of our fans, we start sending thousands of waffles to healthcare workers all over the country. We end up donating over 12,000 waffles.


Mall of America: our magical store in the most iconic shopping destination in the USA is built and ready, but the Covid pandemic is still raging. We decide to open anyway, earning us the Royal EEFUC award for Exuberant Enthusiasm in the Face of Unlikely Challenges.  It wasn't fun then, but it's fun now. 


After several brick & mortar stores, nostalgia for our first 1968 Chevy truck takes over. Started in 2017 as a project of passion, love and unrealistic budgeting, we finally launch our vintage 1959 Wafels & Dinges truck in Denver, CO. He is named "El Elemento", in loving memory of Ernesto Figuera, dad of our founder Rossanna Figuera and probably the most ardent Wafels & Dinges fan to ever have lived

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