Indoor & Outdoor Party Venues

For your little princes & princesses, or for grown-ups with a youthful spirit, celebrate with us in "grand dinges" style. Throw your party at one of our Wafels & Dinges venues. Whether it's a birthday party, bachelorette party or baby-shower, legendary memories are guaranteed. All of our party venues offer (for adults) both wine, bubbles and beer options. We offer two choices of venue: Classic French Bistro style & Outdoor Downtown Fun. At both venues, we partner with our Venezuelan sister company Perros y Vainas.

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de reviews don't lie

On behalf of my daughter and all 110 of her friends, I'd like to thank you for providing the most delicious party favor ever offered at a Sweet Sixteen celebration. We loved having Wafels and Dinges at the party.

—Mayberth, Scarsdale

“Partnering with Wafels & Dinges has been one of the smartest marketing tactics for 1-to-1 client relationship building we have ever used."

—Penny Graham, Marketing Executive,

"If anyone knows anything about wafels, it’s this guy.”

—Al Roker speaking about “the Wafel Guy” on NBC’s Today Show.

"I arranged to have the truck come out to set at end of a hard week. Once the breeze turned and brought the smell of fresh baked waffles over - forget it... My crew ended the week on a happy note. ”

—Alexis A. - Production Assistant for "Parks & Rec"

“ was sooooooo good, like sex in your mouth...”

—Cassie G, NYC. Private Party Planner