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The incredible story of Wafels & Dinges is one of humble beginnings. In the summer of 2007, a quirky 1968 Chevy step-van started to roam around the streets of NYC - it was the first yellow Wafels & Dinges truck. While its showings were spotty and mysterious at first, the reception was truly remarkable. We quickly conquered the hearts and appetites of New Yorkers with “really Belgian” waffles and toppings (aka dinges). Soon more, and newer trucks came to the scene, then a bunch of food carts, and we finally lost our wheels and settled into permanent kiosks in Manhattans’ most iconic corners. Wafels & Dinges became a true NYC “institution”, loved and visited by locals, US and international tourists alike.

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And the numbers speak loud. Desserts are more popular than ever… and trending higher. According to, 39 percent of U.S. consumers purchase dessert at least once a week. Based on the Center for Generational Kinetics’ research, Gen Z and Millennial consumers are a “tremendously influential” segment of dessert buyers, are more likely to eat desserts than other generations and 87 percent of them think about eating dessert at least once a day!

Given those generations’ increasing spending power and their appreciation of dessert and street food,  we anticipate accelerated demand for what we love and what we do over the next five years.

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an investment that makes sense

Wafels & Dinges has purposefully created a unique opportunity that is based on custom kiosk design that thrive in high profile tourist markets. Our small footprint locations are typically 100 to 600 square feet, require a low initial investment and are easy to operate. The uncompromising and timeless quality of our Liege style wafels and accompanying “dinges” continue to yield high consumer demand and are capable of exceptional revenue.

The details of the Wafels & Dinges experience are thought through and feature a sophisticated yet quirky and accessible design of packaging, kiosks and menus. Our stores have open access designs to allow the delightful aromas of our Liege wafels to travel to as many admiring noses as possible. They perform best in a conducive setting, surrounded by seating and adjacent to high foot-traffic in a recreational mindset. The total initial investment starts as low as $250,000 for each store and requires as little as 20% of the final total investment in initial capital.

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ideal positioning and support

Wafels & Dinges is the real Belgian deal. We bring sophistication and fun to street food. We exude authenticity and friendliness. With uncompromising ingredients, irresistible aromas, and a quirky attitude, we deliver indulgence to match the strongest cravings of passersby of all ages.

Because our values are centered around taking pride in our craftsmanship, inspiring others, and owning our actions, we believe that the success of our franchisees is paramount to our brand. Therefore, our franchisees benefit from our best in breed coaching, training, site selection, store design and development.

Key to our brand positioning is our marketing team’s implementation of local content, public relations, social media and digital promotion that has made Wafels & Dinges famous. Of note, Wafels & Dinges stores operating the entire 2021 calendar year had an impressive Average Gross Sales of $900,102.67.

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