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A bicycle athlete  enjoying a waffle after  a muddy winter race
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wafels meet bicycles

We like to reminisce over our 1970's childhood in Belgium, growing up in the little village of "Bierbeek".  Our earliest wafel-memories are inextricably linked with our excitement for the annual traveling street-fair. It came with bumper cars, fortune tellers, beignets and, you guessed it, a wonderful waffle stand!  Add to that a local amateur cycling race looping from the church tower, through the village square and finishing in front of that very same waffle stand. Do you see it? Can you hear the supporters cheering for the race's final sprint? Can you smell the waffles? We still can! 

Cycle Kids

Wafels make the world a better place, and so do bicycles! The love for cycling is part of our DNA at Wafels & Dinges. We've made it our mission to help kids all over the country discover the joys of riding a bike. To that end, we are sponsoring our friends at CYCLE Kids, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

They are committed to working with schools to help provide children with a healthy physical and emotional start in life. Wafels & Dinges donates a portion of our profits to CYCLE Kids, and our in-kind wafel donations make bicycle events at school even more memorable.

A little girl learning how  to ride a bicycle