group gifting

group gifting is the fast-lane to sending Wafels & Dinges gifts to multiple colleagues or loved ones. You just choose one of our 3 box types, and each recipient then chooses how to fill that box. they also set their correct shipping address, so no lost packages!

recipients select their preferred waffle recipe (traditional, gluten free or vegan), size of wafels, and toppings. It’s your gift to give, and they’ll make it theirs to receive.

for corporate gifting to groups of more than 25 people, check out our offering and volume discounts, and get in touch with one of our sales ambassadors!

the three royal steps


la grande surprise

your gifting email arrives! Tada!


they fill the box

to match their individual waffle preferences - this happens on our website.


we ship

we bake’m fresh, we ship and next your friend has a wafel-fiesta

bonus: you're now officially the best wafel-friend in the universe.

choose your gift type

the classic box

give the classic box


"le box classique” is our most popular wafel box, giving the receiver the most customization options. it’s perfect for a royal breakfast, party dessert or even a shameless evening of indulgence. the receiver’s can choose:

  • our traditional, gluten free or vegan recipe
  • quantity and size of wafels
  • selection of “dinges”, or topping jars

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the specialty box

give the specialty box


with "le box spécialité”, you send the receiver(s) a dozen wafelinis (mini-wafels). options include classic liège style, chocolate decorated wafelinis, lemon poppyseed wafels etc. this is your statement of wafel nobility and sophistication, and you may very well be knighted to “Count(ess) de la Gaufre"

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