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  • liège wafelinis {vegan}
  • liège wafelinis {vegan}
  • liège wafelinis {vegan}
  • liège wafelinis {vegan}
  • liège wafelinis {vegan}

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liège wafelinis {vegan}

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The nutritionist at the royal palace in Belgium, Jean Fauxmieuxmanger, advised the King and Queen to switch to a vegan diet.  The challenge for Chef Michel Dubongoût at the Royal Cuisine was clear: Take the original recipe of the Liège waffle and give it a vegan twist. Sure enough, le Chef nailed it, and neither the King nor the Queen could ever tell the difference.  This box contains 24 mini belgian liège waffles We just call them “wafelinis”, all vegan style.

This recipe uses 100% vegan ingredients but may contain traces of non-vegan recipes given that they're cooked on the same waffle irons. 


What do I get?

  • 24 x vegan wafelinis

When will I get it?

Shipping to NYC Tri-State: 

  • We ship Monday through Friday, except for holidays. Our daily cut-off time for orders is 1:00pm EST. Our wafels are baked & shipped the same day. Our standard shipping service is Fedex Ground (Tri-state) or Fedex Express Saver.

Nationwide, beyond the NYC Tri-State:

  • We ship Monday through Wednesday, except holidays, so that your product doesn’t “sit” over the weekend. We recommend that for all nationwide orders that you select a delivery day that is 2-4 days ahead of your desired date for an on-time arrival. 

How do I store / prepare it?

Traditional liege wafels contain: wheat (gluten), dairy, eggs, yeast, and may contain traces of soy, nuts

Gluten free liege wafels contain: dairy, eggs, yeast, and may contain traces of soy, gluten, nuts. 

Vegan liege wafels contain: wheat (gluten), yeast and may contain traces of dairy, eggs, soy, nuts

Should I count the calories?

The approximate calorie count is 190 cal for a wafelini and 380 cal for a traditional Liège wafel, but you know what they say: "Don’t count the calories, just make the calories count!"    

I’m seeing dark spots on the edge of my wafels, did you burn them? Our wafels are made the traditional way with imported pearl sugar. The melted / boiling sugar in our irons can leave caramelized (darker) spots. This is a good thing, typical for Liège wafels