catering + events under 40 guests

We, wafel people, know how to cater an event – and we'll make it easy for you, too !
As per our King’s instructions: ”For the great American parties, Wafels & Dinges shall bring de aromas and festive spirit of our Belgian Wafels.” And so, we have brought “de dinges” to hundreds of weddings, mitzvahs, birthdays, movie sets, schools, college events, office gatherings, all over this great American land.

DIY - party kits - SELF CATERED

It's a wafel party in a box. We'll pack up your wafel party in a big box, and we'll ship Fedex (2nd day) right to your doorstep (yes, our wafels travel really well). The wafel party kit  literally includes everything: liège wafels and snack-size wafelinis, the indispensable powder sugar shaker, our iconic waffle-trays, and our signature toppings. And for the fun part: wafel balloons, wafel tattoos (temporary!) and glitters...We box it up, we ship it and you're the star of the party!

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premium self-catered event

Bake waffles like a Pro! We will provide one of our professional waffle irons to you, and we'll set it up ready to go.  You also get from us pre-baked Liege wafels or authentic Liege waffle dough (you choose). It all comes with easy instructions on how to bake / reheat the waffles.  We will, of course, also add a selection of our scrumptious "dinges" (a.k.a. toppings), as well as the indispensable powder sugar shaker and our iconic wafel trays. To make it even more spectacular, we will include wafel balloons, wafel tattoos (temporary!) and glitters.

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wafel truck or wafel buffet

For the ultimate experience! We will park Le Grand Truck in front of your venue, or we'll come inside and set up buffet style. One of our seasoned experts will bake fresh, authentic Liege wafels right there for one whole hour!  Each one of your guests will be able to create his/her own wafel with any combination of Dinges he/she desires! The services of a wafeleur are included to bake and prepare the waffles with toppings.

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de reviews don't lie

On behalf of my daughter and all 110 of her friends, I'd like to thank you for providing the most delicious party favor ever offered at a Sweet Sixteen celebration. We loved having Wafels and Dinges at the party.

—Mayberth, Scarsdale

“Partnering with Wafels & Dinges has been one of the smartest marketing tactics for 1-to-1 client relationship building we have ever used."

—Penny Graham, Marketing Executive,

"If anyone knows anything about wafels, it’s this guy.”

—Al Roker speaking about “the Wafel Guy” on NBC’s Today Show.

"I arranged to have the truck come out to set at end of a hard week. Once the breeze turned and brought the smell of fresh baked waffles over - forget it... My crew ended the week on a happy note. ”

—Alexis A. - Production Assistant for "Parks & Rec"

“ was sooooooo good, like sex in your mouth...”

—Cassie G, NYC. Private Party Planner